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Default Re: Cleaning or Replacing Thermometer in Wagner Dutch Oven?

It took a few days, but I finally got it apart with penetrating oil and gentle persistence -- was afraid I would crush it. Can't say for sure but I think I used hand pressure against the top of the lid and maybe a grippy rubber pad wrapped around the bottom part. Once it finally budged it was no problem.

Don't think I took any photos while it was apart, but I believe the glass window is sandwiched between the two upper parts. The lower part screws over the threaded portion like a cap which helps keep the moisture out.

The face of the dial seems enameled and for as bad as it looked to begin with, it cleaned up beautifully -- like brand new.

After restoring this DO my wife fell in love with it, got on a big sourdough kick and kinda crudded it up with daily baking over some months. I finally replaced her 'user' with an ordinary #8 Lodge, which works just as well. if I were smarter I'd have done this first, as cleaning this sucker with the aluminum thermometer in the lid means the lye tank is right out. So it's not as sparkling as it was when I finished it, but it's still my single favorite piece of CI.

Good luck, hope it works out as well for you as it did for me!
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