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Default Re: Hammered Chrome Lodge - Cleaning?

Originally Posted by EricC View Post
But pieces where the plating is still completely intact are worth more than their non-plated equivalents. They're just a lot more rare.


I got into CI due to inheriting my grandmother's pieces as well (though I sat on them for 20 years before I "woke up"). Then I added a lot more pieces to them, with no regrets. Perhaps this will lead you down a similar path. If so, great cooking times ahead.
Originally Posted by SeanD View Post
Youll ALWAYS love and keep this piece I would say.
I think it'd be cool if the plating is intact on the inside, but I'm certainly not looking to sell this piece and therefore don't care much about its value. I do think this is something that I'll treasure for a variety of reasons. It came from my great grandma, it's a cool chromed/hammered finish, it has a lid (I'd been looking for CI pan with a lid), and it is deeper (I'd been looking for a deep 10" CI pan). So it checks a bunch of "needs" that I had with my pans while also having some other cool factors.

EricC - I started to appreciate old cast iron about ten years ago, so this (thankfully) isn't new to me. I have a few Griswolds, a few Wagners, a few (old) Lodges, and a few others. Two or three of these came from my grandpa on the other side of the family too, which brings some cool factor. Certainly not an extensive collection, but enough for my cooking.

I'll try some cleaning on this one and let you know how it goes! Thanks for the thoughts.

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