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Default Re: Braised Short Ribs

Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
Not likely. The acidity of wine, vinegar, tomatoes, etc. is the concern.
Ok thanks.

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Originally Posted by GTurner View Post
You can always keep an eye out for an older Le Cheque oops I mean Le Creuset lol. Most older enameled pieces have a few nicks in the enamel. Look for Le Creuset, Descoware, DRU Holland, Copco and Cousances.

My favorite are Copco and Descoware.

The new Lodge are priced well and cook fine. Le Creuset can cost you your check if new or used.
I was looking at the staub ones, they seem good as well but all expensive

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Well, I went to the store and priced the short ribs already cut to about 2". It was about $8 per pound which is about 4 little ribs. Was more than I was expecting them to be.
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