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Griswold made multiple versions of the lamb cake mold. The earliest (1920s) has loop handles on both halves, round leveling pegs and p/ns 947/948. It is also known as the "leg forward" version as the foreleg is extended rather than tucked under. The next (ca. 1930) has the rectangular leveling pegs, loop handles on the back half and tabs on the front half, with p/ns 865/866. A later model (1930s-1060s), embossed "No. 866" on the front base has p/ns 921/922, and unlike the other two, its front half overlaps the back. It has the loop handles on the front half and the tabs on the back. Of the photos in the BB, none have vent holes in the front halves (the backs are not shown). A photo I have seen of an 865/866 model apparently new in original packaging does not have the holes. Whether the holes in the 865/866 are a modification by Griswold or a user "hack" is uncertain, but from the lack of holes in the 921/922 one might tend to infer the latter. Of those currently on eBay (for sale/completed) only one has the holes, and their placement is consistent with the two shown in this thread, tending to imply a factory-made modification.
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