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Doug D. 07-10-2013 12:16 PM

Registration & Activation
There are a few members who have registered, but their status remains as "Awaiting Email Confirmation".

When registering, an email is sent to the address entered, containing a unique link that must be followed to confirm the registration. Until that occurs, and the administrator approves the registration, a new user will be able to log in but will have limited permissions and will not be able to post.

The confirmation email is sent automatically, moments after the completion of the registration process. Account approval by the administrator may take a little longer, depending on what day or time of day the registration occurs.

These additional steps benefit the forum in that they prevent spammer abuse.

If you do not receive the account confirmation email, please check your junk mail folder for it. If you still don't have it, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any forum page for assistance.

Registrations remaining in "Awaiting Email Confirmation" status more than 30 days will be deleted.

Judy Childers 09-29-2015 01:14 PM

Re: Registration & Activation
I am new to forums and am struggling to understand. I looked in my email and did not see anything. Am I registered? I posted a comment and question earlier. I am not sure if I did it correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

Doug D. 09-29-2015 01:29 PM

Re: Registration & Activation
You would not be able to post if your account was not activated.

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