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Jada Haughey 04-14-2021 11:57 AM

Looking for Info Hammered/plated Chicken Fryer
Hi there,

I inherited a love of all things CI and this pan from my dad and I am trying to get more information on it. I have searched this website and it looks like a lodge - but the handle is different. I am also concerned about using it - as the inside looks like the plating is coming off. I would also like to clean it up but I don't want to damage the plating anymore than it already is. Is there a way to get it re-plated? Thank you for any and all information you may have!

Doug D. 04-15-2021 09:13 AM

Re: Looking for Info Hammered/plated Chicken Fryer
It is Lodge, likely early 1940s. Lodge handles are all over the place, from time period to time period and from size to size. The interior plating has worn off from use, a common scenario. A trip through a lye bath would probably brighten things up significantly, but at the expense of the established seasoning on the cooking surface. It sounds like you know its history and that using it as-is may not be of concern. Hard to tell from the photos if what's on the top of the lid is plating loss or something burnt on.

Jada Haughey 04-15-2021 11:55 AM

Re: Looking for Info Hammered/plated Chicken Fryer
Thank you for the info! We only use the pan to actually "fry" chicken, so I am not so worried about the flaking of the plating. I am pretty sure the lid is just grimy, I don't think Dad ever cleaned this one. LoL. You recommended a lye bath, but I was wondering if I could use oven cleaner instead - that's easier for me to do. I have always done the oven cleaner - vinegar - then re-season method.

Doug D. 04-15-2021 01:09 PM

Re: Looking for Info Hammered/plated Chicken Fryer
Lye-based oven cleaner spray would be fine. Since you're not concerned about the cooking surface being non-stick. And it will not damage the chrome. Vinegar is for rust, so no apparent need for it here. Lye and oven cleaner spray can be easily neutralized by simple dilution with plenty of water. Hose it off outside, then give it a regular washing with some Dawn in the kitchen sink.

Then see: to rust-proof the bare iron areas.

Hopefully, you'll end up with something closer to:

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