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Art_C 03-22-2021 11:56 AM

Any Idea on Who Made This and When?
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Hey folks, I'm new here and would love to find out who made this and when. I got this from my mother and she said it her grandmothers bean pot. I've seen these online before but they always seem to have 3 legs. I has a long bale handle, has 8 R on the bottme and is gate marked. Any ideas? Thanks!

Doug D. 03-22-2021 12:36 PM

Re: Any Idea on Who Made This and When?
Without a name (or even sometimes initials, e.g. "P.B. & Co.") on them, old bottom gated pieces like this are rarely if ever identifiable as to maker. Handle designs were more representative of current styles of their time rather than trademarks of a particular manufacturer, much like the handles of most early to mid-20th century skillets being more or less alike.

Art_C 03-22-2021 01:26 PM

Re: Any Idea on Who Made This and When?
Thanks Doug! I was hoping someone might have something on these old gate marked pots and pans. I have acquired a few but this one was my great grandmothers so it means something to me.

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