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Stephen Worth 07-12-2020 10:40 PM

Re: Braised Short Ribs
I got a Le Creuset 9 1/2 quart oval dutch oven at eBay at half the going rate. Apparently there's some sort of outlet store that is selling seconds with color spotting inside and little cosmetic scratches that is selling them at a discount. Some people try to sell them at full price, but more ethical people photograph the problems carefully and point them out. That makes a lot of people pass over them, so they get listed over and over. I contacted the seller and made a very low offer and they came way down from their buy it now price. It's worth making an offer even if they don't have make an offer on the listing.

EricC 07-12-2020 11:02 PM

Re: Braised Short Ribs

Originally Posted by BetseyT (Post 46993)
Here's an old post from 2016:

Some discussion about replacing the wine with more beef broth. Doug D. weighed in.

Recipe links to "The Pioneer Woman," who used an enameled Dutch oven (link has pictures).

I realize I'm replying to a post from last February, but the quoted link to a thread from 2016, that 2016 thread was my thread.

Yes, though I got away with using the wine that time, in general I agree with what Doug said and have stopped using acidic foods (tomato, wine) in my regular cast iron, particularly for long cooks, in order to not damage the seasoning.

I've yet to invest in quality ECI (Le Creuset, Staub, vintage Descoware) and haven't been able to bring myself to buy Chinese ECI (Tramontina) so instead, when I cook dishes like that these days, I use multiclad stainless steel and save my CI for another day.

Have a good one.

SeanD 07-13-2020 01:22 PM

Re: Braised Short Ribs
I have a Cooks Essentials DO, enameled , and it works just as good as a "good"one. I paid 4 bucks at GW.

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