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Will R 04-29-2019 02:07 PM

Martin Cornbread Pan?
Does a Martin cornbread pan have any markings? I know that they look exactly like a bsr but the handles are different just wondering if they have any markings on the back? The breadstick pan has markings on the back, but I am wondering about the cornbread pan. Thanks for your help.

Will R 07-09-2019 01:51 PM

Re: Martin Cornbread Pan?
On the home page under gem pans when you scroll to the very bottom there is a picture of a Martin corn stick pan . Iíve researched and tried to find out but canít find anything on it. The question I have is did Martin ever mark the bottom? All I can find is pans that are unmarked. Does anyone know? Thanks

Doug D. 07-09-2019 02:31 PM

Re: Martin Cornbread Pan?
Apparently, the handles are the only defining characteristic, being accurately depicted in Martin catalog illustrations. There do not appear to be marked versions.

Will R 07-09-2019 03:57 PM

Re: Martin Cornbread Pan?
Thanks a lot, I was wanting to pick one up and Iíve passed up a few looking for one that may be marked. Thanks for your help

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