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SeanD 01-30-2018 01:42 PM

What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
I collect all CI, but I mainly collect Wapak. I guess for me, the reasons I love Wapaks are that they are kind of easy to date ( 1903-1926 ), not a lot of variants, every Wapak is unique in that they all have their flaws somewhere on them ( that's what I love ), they were I'm assuming a small outfit compared to Griswold, Wagner, Lodge, ect. They are also lightweight, smooth as glass, cook very well. Finally, I like that they have just enough different logos to make things interesting, and keeps you guessing.

GTurner 01-30-2018 04:03 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
I am trying to collect Iron Mountain. I do collect at least one of the different makers of CI. I have at least one of each: a Favorite (Puritan), Lodge, BS&R, Wagner, and Griswold. With Griswold, I want an Erie, slant logo, LBL, SBL & MBL (late large). A Spider would be nirvana. I do have most of the Griswold logos.

Martin, Wapak, Excelsior, Hanks, GF Filley, Waterman, etc are still on my list along with the Canadian manufactures.

Wish me luck.

BryanB 01-30-2018 06:51 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
Anything gate marked and unknown. Spider skillets and pig eared DO's.

EdgarLopez 01-30-2018 11:29 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
I collect Wagner,Bsr,Lodge,I don't like Griswold too many variations but When I see one real cheap $3-$8 I buy it like an investment,I have one of each different brand,I'm cheap and I don't want to spend a lot of money on 1 item if I can have 3 or 4 with same amount of money

Ty L. 01-30-2018 11:41 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
I don't get serious about collecting a specific series until I get a really good deal on a rare piece from that series. Once I get one of the hard to find ones out of the way I'm willing to be a little more flexible on how much I might pay to put a set together.

Christian James 01-31-2018 01:37 AM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
The first vintage CI I got was a Griswold, so that's what primarily interests me. I'd like to put together a working set from the different series. Currently I have a #3 LBL smooth bottom, #5 SBL grooved handle, #7 SBL early handle, and #8 Slant EPU with heat ring. As you can see I still have a long way to go.

I have recently discovered the old straight walled, outer heat ring pans. In terms of form factor, I think I like them the most. My #9 Wagner/National is a thing of beauty, just looking at it you know you're dealing with a vintage item.

BobbiC 01-31-2018 01:50 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
I just started collecting (trying to finish a set my Mom left me). I have Wagners and BSR Red Mountains (trying to finish the "S" set (3, 5, 7). I impulse bought an unmarked gated number 9 which I love love love, so I would like to get every size. But the ones I think are the prettiest and am actively collecting are the fully marked Victors. I have a 6, 7 and 8. I want a 5 and 9 but haven't had a lot of luck. I just think they're beautiful!!!!

M_Osborne 02-01-2018 12:29 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
I am very much into local pieces from the Northeast. However I am fond of unique bakeware G.F. Filley gem pans are my favorite. I would love to complete a set of Wapak Indians but then again who wouldn't. I go for the gate marked skillets due to the history and weight.

I enjoy the hunt so anything is fair game, the rarer the better.

SeanD 02-01-2018 10:08 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
Thanks for all the replies.....its interesting to hear everyone's different stories!

David P Fortin 02-02-2018 06:39 PM

Re: What Brand Do You Collect And Why?
The Wagners and Griswold do not interest me at all. If I want a good cast iron user or a modern piece than Lodge is the only way to go. Lodge is perfect with a super reputation and a mixture of modern proven metals. I do not see how it would be able to best Lodge with modern or old cast iron. David

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