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BDavis 04-02-2014 02:22 PM

9" skillet
wagner ware sidney o

1056 0

9 on handle

can anybody tell me what year it was made by those numbers ?

i need another one the same size,,,:icon_thumbsup:
i have the skillets lined up by size
6--8--9--10--12--10--8--6-- need the 9 to even it out :chuckle:


Doug D. 04-02-2014 02:27 PM

Re: 9" skillet
A c/n of 1056 would be a #6, approx. 9" diameter. (Size number is usually read with the handle pointing downwards.) Dating it would need to know if heat ring or smooth bottom. A photo would help as well.

BDavis 04-02-2014 11:18 PM

Re: 9" skillet
here you go Doug..

going to experiment with the lye on this one

i included a roaster? in the pictures, no marks..rescued from a shed, was being used as a tool box
no cracks, missing the lid. what is it? who made it? when?

Doug D. 04-02-2014 11:55 PM

Re: 9" skillet
The font on the c/n of the #6 WWSO smooth bottom skillet looks like it's from the latter part of its production period, so ~ 1950s.

The other piece looks more like a ham boiler than a roaster.

BDavis 04-03-2014 05:50 AM

Re: 9" skillet
thanks doug. appreciate the help. :icon_thumbsup:

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