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WillB 08-09-2020 10:27 AM

Removing “Exfoliated”, Hard Rust Buildup

I’ve been trying to clean off the rust buildup on the bottom of a Dixie Foundry #8. I started the piece off with easy off which removed some of the carbon/seasoning buildup. Then I put it in an E tank which removed the rest of the seasoning. It doesn’t seem to have touched the rust buildup on the bottom though. This is hard rust/iron which will chip off if hit hard enough with a flat head screwdriver. It’s also hard to tell which is the “exfoliated” rust and which is the pitted bare iron. Any suggestions?

Jay Reiter 08-09-2020 09:15 PM

Re: Removing “Exfoliated”, Hard Rust Buildup
Something like that takes a wile in the e tank. What voltage and current are you indicating? I would say keep going and scrub the pot with a wire brush in the evening. The rust will come off little by little. I had problems like that and it took several days to a week. They were not that rusted.

Doug D. 08-09-2020 10:15 PM

Re: Removing “Exfoliated”, Hard Rust Buildup
This is some major sulfur putting. Metal has been dissolved and reformed by the sulfuric acid created by use over a sulfur containing heating fuel. It's not going to come off and reveal anything underneath. Electro should remove whatever rust is present among the pits, but that's about it. I wouldn't expect chiseling at it to result in anything positive. It can still be an acceptable user, just a rather homely one.

WillB 08-09-2020 11:29 PM

Re: Removing “Exfoliated”, Hard Rust Buildup
Not sure on the amperage. I have about 12 volts differential however (using a boat battery with an automatic charger).

I wasn’t planning on chipping at it anymore. That was just see how well the rust was adhered.

I’ll put it back in the e-tank and make sure my anodes are cleaned and closer to the piece than they were before.

BryanB 08-10-2020 04:33 PM

Re: Removing “Exfoliated”, Hard Rust Buildup
How slick is the inside? Don't want pits meeting in the middle.

WillB 08-10-2020 05:12 PM

Re: Removing “Exfoliated”, Hard Rust Buildup
That has crossed my mind... The inside has a slight low spot (warped) but it’s very smooth.

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