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Kyle S. 06-17-2020 11:38 PM

Think I Found a Rare One
I have a #12 Martin camp oven that I inherited from my wife’s grandma and I have never seen another one in the wild. When I saw this #6 I was shocked. I tried to find another mentioned online recently and couldn’t. The rust is surface I believe. I will post more pictures when it is done. Any info would be appreciated.

MDFraley 06-18-2020 07:22 AM

Re: Think I Found a Rare One
you most certainly found a hard to find piece. We have a stack of the Martins and the one we're missing is the No.6. Can't imagine you ever wanting to get rid of it but if you do I know a home for it Lol.

Kyle S. 06-18-2020 02:28 PM

Re: Think I Found a Rare One
My brother, who got me in to collecting and restoring, tried to lay claim on it as well. I am not sure I will be parting with this one any time soon. He is convinced I am going to trade for it, but honestly I have not seen another to compare it with. I have no clue of its value. Time will tell and if anyone else has one I would love to see some pictures of it.

SeanD 06-20-2020 05:37 AM

Re: Think I Found a Rare One
Now thats pretty sweet! Cant wait to see it go from crusty and rusty to cool and clean!

Kyle S. 04-13-2021 04:47 PM

Re: Think I Found a Rare One
I just got to restoring this piece, and as some of you might already have known, it is a #9 not a #6. I do not want to spread misinformation so I thought I would mention it.

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