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D_Madden 08-31-2021 08:38 PM

Kind of Unusual Lodge Double Skillet Set
This has been a long term project. I stumbled across the top skillet at a local place a few years ago and since it isn't marked the guy sold it to me for like $10... I did some research and realized what it was and started searching for the single notch chicken fryer bottom.. .which turned out to be a real pain to try to find... since there are lots of single notch lodge #8 chicken fryers and no one seems to notice the special little concave section on top of the handle so the two pieces can fit together... so I ended up looking at a LOT of pictures of single notch #8 chicken fryers looking for that little difference on top of the handle. well a couple of weeks ago a guy posted a picture of his new chicken fryer on a facebook group for cast iron. I commented that his wasn't a 'regular' chicken fryer but the odd one that I was looking for and said that if he wanted to trade some iron I'd replace his chicken fryer with another really nice single notch lodge chicken fryer and then another piece of his choosing... we were able to make a deal and I sent my pieces to him and he sent his piece to me... I went ahead and ran it through my usual clean up process and seasoned twice with grapeseed oil so it would kind of match the other piece... my understanding is that lodge made this double skillet set in both smooth and hammered and both are fairly rare. now I guess I have to find the hammered version.

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