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D_Madden 08-13-2020 10:48 PM

Lodge Pooh Pan
I had the mickey mouse... decided to get the pooh pan... for the size this is a really heavy piece... dimensions are only about 10 x 7 but it weighs 6.2 lbs.

SeanD 08-14-2020 04:57 AM

Re: Lodge Pooh Pan
I have never seen one of it a new Lodge? Looks to be in great shape.

D_Madden 08-14-2020 10:10 AM

Re: Lodge Pooh Pan
newer...I mean its not 'old'... I'm not sure of the time period of when they were made... I assume it is similar to the perch pan and cactus pan and chili pepper pan and snowmen and stars and holiday theme one...lodge made them for a while and then just stopped making them... some like the perch pan they seem to have brought back and made some more and then stopped again...

MDFraley 08-14-2020 01:23 PM

Re: Lodge Pooh Pan
Just sold the pooh pan a few days ago on ETSY....Was that you who bought it ???? Buyer was in Southern Indiana....
If it was produced around the same time frame as the Micky Mouse Pan it should date to the 1998-1999 era. Think that was what we listed our pans time frame when we put it up for sale.

D_Madden 08-16-2020 09:16 PM

Re: Lodge Pooh Pan
mine came from ebay.. .I think it was sent from michigan.

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