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CFoxworth 09-18-2015 07:38 AM

Re: Help with a Martin Griddle Please
Hi Bonnie, I did not notice the backward S as mentioned. Anxious to clean and sanitize. Bonnie may I comment and also ask this.....

I admit I am addicted to collecting cast iron cookware, regardless if I already have several of the same. I usually buy them anyway, mainly because I love to bring life and use-ability back into CI. I have an interest in unusual pieces as most folks do. There are pieces I will never use and only bought them to give them love.

During my research I also believe the prices online are ridiculously high, especially when you can pick them up for literally 1/2 pennies on the dollar. I am interested in re-homing some of my collection; how would you suggest I price that makes buyer and seller happy. Every piece I acquire is completely cleaned of rust and carbon build-up, sanitized and seasoned 5 times. Literally a new piece.

Have a great day and thanks for your insight...

Bonnie Scott 09-18-2015 07:57 AM

Re: Help with a Martin Griddle Please
I normally pick my price by going to ebay sold listing and finding a median price of the ones that have sold (clean ones). I also list with a best offer price and if someone gets close enough to a good price I take it. I hope this helps.
If it is a piece of iron I really like and I am not sure I want to part with I put a crazy price on it.

CFoxworth 09-18-2015 08:28 AM

Re: Help with a Martin Griddle Please
Good morning Bonnie....The wise man said "great minds think alike" I have never sold on e-bay, never wanted the presumed hassle. Do your recommend E-bay or just re-homing locally. I do research on e-bay, but there are so many pieces, I kind of think the on-line market is flooded. Is this my misconception?

Bonnie Scott 09-18-2015 09:34 AM

Re: Help with a Martin Griddle Please
If I can avoid having to ship a piece of iron I will do it. My eldest daughter and I have a small booth at an antique mall in Phoenix and have had good luck selling my skillets there. I have never tried selling on craigslist but if you are comfortable with that, I would think that would be a good way to avoid fees and shipping costs which are the biggest downfall of ebay.

CFoxworth 09-18-2015 09:18 PM

Re: Help with a Martin Griddle Please
Hello Bonnie good evening, Thanks for all your input much appreciated.

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