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Jay Reiter 09-18-2020 01:33 PM

Two #8's, Erie and "Wapak"
Doug I can read the logo on the Erie. I can see there is a logo under the crud on what I was told is a Wapak. What does the bottom of a Wapak look like? Both skillets are in the soup.

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Found the pictures on the main page pull down

SeanD 09-18-2020 01:49 PM

Re: Two #8's, Erie and "Wapak"
Being a Wapak collector/user....the bottoms are plain, with only Wapak (and the casting flaws ) being on the bottom. A few differtn logos, and I among others have no clue as to exact dates.

Jay Reiter 09-18-2020 03:26 PM

Re: Two #8's, Erie and "Wapak"
Sorry Sean got a little mixed up on who was the Wapak. collector. After three hours in the soup I was able to chip the crud off the logo. It is Wapak with the side way check under it,
#8 at 6 o'clock the casting #101B center. Just put the Erie in the "E" tank.The Wapak will take quite some time to clear the crud on the sides. I just was impatient to see the logo.i

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My Wapak is the same as picture #9 in the pull down

SeanD 09-18-2020 05:14 PM

Re: Two #8's, Erie and "Wapak"
You have what is known as the lightning bolt logo, or Z logo. I like that logo.

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