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SeanD 03-15-2021 10:43 AM

Any Reason?
I was just wondering why Wapaks always have a defect, which I like.....but were they a small operation, or just due to using used molds? I was just looking for any input....thanks!!

Doug D. 03-15-2021 12:12 PM

Re: Any Reason?
Patterns (molds are made from patterns and are destroyed when the casting is released) can certainly suffer damage that can end up being cast into the pans made from them, but what's normally seen in Wapaks are defects in the casting process, like sags and sand shifts. Such things are normally the result of improper (or lazy) packing of the sand around the pattern, resulting in the mold not remaining stable when the pattern is removed and the mold halves reassembled, or when the molten iron entered the mold. These kinds of defects are seen in other makers' pans, though not to the degree and severity seen in Wapaks. Perhaps it's an indication their quality control standards were somewhat lax compared with the competition's.


SeanD 03-16-2021 04:52 AM

Re: Any Reason?
That makes sense for sure. That may be a reason they didnt survive longer than what they did. Thanks for the info and the link Doug!

AVaccaro 03-23-2021 02:58 PM

Re: Any Reason?
I'm amazed in all the casting flaws wapaks have but the detail in the Indian head is amazing

SeanD 03-24-2021 06:58 AM

Re: Any Reason?
Good point. Seeing as how they used others' molds most of the time. The Indian Head is one that they made, and I love it. I also love the flaws, as it makes them one of a kind. The full writing DO lids may have been made by them, but I think its a Griswold DO lid, with applied letters?

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