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D_Madden 04-19-2021 11:10 PM

Favorite Waffle Irons
just recently found a high base for a set of #8 paddles that I had lying around (I already had the low base for one set of #8 paddles)... now to find anything for that set of #7 paddles.

anyone have any thoughts on the time period that Favorite might have made this style? Seems like a very unusual hinge / rotating pin design... seems likely that it was earlier than anything they made with a ball hinge.

Doug D. 04-20-2021 08:43 AM

Re: Favorite Waffle Irons
The BB is of no real help on most Favorite Piqua. Everything shown is dated 1916-1935 or "ca. 1920s", unless it's a predecessor W.C. Davis piece. Only one waffle iron is shown (other than a toy) and it's ball-hinged. Earlier than the ball-hinged is about all that can be assumed about these.

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