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GBlackwell 11-03-2020 09:40 AM

Griswold Waffle Iron?
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Just recently got this waffle iron down to bare iron, the base says Griswold and the paddles are 1908 and the right style, but no logo.

Is this at best a non matching waffle iron? It has the ball hinge as well.

I picked it up for $15 not knowing if it even had a name to it, so I don't think I did bad since I was going to use it anyways, the Griswold name is just a big bonus.

What do y'all think?

MDFraley 11-03-2020 03:14 PM

Re: Griswold Waffle Iron?
All are Griswold pieces. The paddles are not a matching pair. Should be a 885 & 886 paddles that go with the base you have. Like most CI makers in that period they all made pieces for department stores, hardware stores, etc..Without their logo's on them.
Attached is our CIC link regarding waffle irons.

GBlackwell 11-03-2020 04:34 PM

Re: Griswold Waffle Iron?
Thank you!
Good to know it's all Griswold, just a mismatched paddle. Well, I'll be seasoning it tonight hopefully and I can start making waffles. Maybe I can happen into the correct paddle one day.

Doug D. 11-03-2020 04:37 PM

Re: Griswold Waffle Iron?
Or a 976 paddle could have been swapped for the 885.

GBlackwell 11-03-2020 04:50 PM

Re: Griswold Waffle Iron?
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That's true, one side might've broke and they may have found a replacement, but it would've been long ago.

Attached image is what it looked like when I got it.

Ed Grabski 11-03-2020 06:10 PM

Re: Griswold Waffle Iron?
That is what the Cast Iron I buy looks like.
Nice find for a great price.
I'm still looking for a Waffle Iron myself.

GBlackwell 11-03-2020 09:21 PM

Re: Griswold Waffle Iron?

Those are my favorite, it's almost like a surprise as your cleaning it.

I'm sure you'll happen into one, it took a lot of patience on my end.

GBlackwell 11-03-2020 10:04 PM

Re: Griswold Waffle Iron?
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Got the first layer of seasoning on it

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