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Jason D 09-10-2020 07:47 PM

Camp Skillet ID
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I need help identifying this bad boy:
It is a 14 spider skillet I picked up at an estate sale.

The lid looks just like a Camp Oven previously identified by a member as a pre-1950 Lodge. It has incised large 14. Below it is LX, and above is the number 3

The skillet has the number 14 incised on the bottom in the same style and size as the lid. No markings on the handle.

The lid fits perfectly, so I have no reason to believe they are from different manufacturers.

This thing is huge. I had to double the size of my cleaning tank to accommodate it. Its 14 in diameter, and 23 long to the handle. Its 8 to the top of the lid handle and weights 25lbs.
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Jason D 09-10-2020 08:35 PM

Re: Camp Skillet ID
Link to pictures:

MDFraley 09-11-2020 07:57 AM

Re: Camp Skillet ID
Looks like the BSR "Century Series" to me circulation around the 1960's.

Doug D. 09-11-2020 09:16 AM

Re: Camp Skillet ID
Lodge, but I would say late 1950s to early 60s.

Jason D 09-11-2020 12:09 PM

Re: Camp Skillet ID
Are there any online resources of dated catalogs or ads?

I have a Century Series BSR Camp Oven and the lid is completely different.
  • The lid handle is a tab
  • There is no step adjacent the coal retaining ring.
  • The markings are raised and has IN next to it

Here is the Lodge Camp Oven I was referring to:

EricC 09-11-2020 03:31 PM

Re: Camp Skillet ID
I have a BSR spider skillet and yours has a number of differences; yours is not BSR.

If I were you I'd go with Doug's answer.

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