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Mike K 01-10-2019 05:24 PM

New "Collector"-- Advice on My First Finds?
Happy to be a new member, and WOW what great info on this site! I introduced myself in the "Intro" forum, but basically I got into this from a cooking standpoint. My wife ordered me a 12" Stargazer skillet (still waiting to arrive) and in reading about all the vintage versus old iron discussions out there, I was/am excited to try some vintage. Plus, I can't wait for the 12" new one to come and get cooking, so this allows me to tinker while I wait.

So, in my newbie glee I stumbled upon a mixed lot of 3 pans, none of which were 12", so I figured what the heck. Bought them not knowing a thing about them at the time! Not a huge $ investment, so I figured I'd take a risk.

From surfing this site, I think I have been able to figure out that what I have are:

1. An unmarked Lodge #3 (6+") with the three notches in the heat ring
2. A newer also unmarked #8 (10 1/2") Lodge with the post 1960 "MADE IN USA" Stamp
3. And what seems to be the most collectible, if not uncommon of them, a Wagner Sidney 0 #8 from the 1895-1915 range with the block letters and Arc'ed logo.

The small Lodge was in the best condition, and the others pretty solid, though we will see after their strip/soak for sure!

I guess I am curious about usability on these? I am looking to cook on them and will definitely keep the little Lodge 6" and one of the 10"s. The larger 10" ones have just the slightest amount of wobble/spin when I put them on a stone counter, but doesn't seem to impact their level on my gas stove, so I don't think it's significant impact on cooking.

So, since I'm not really doing this for the collecting but rather for the cooking, advice on which of the 10" ones might be the better for actually using? I know the newer 60s Lodge one isnt too collectible, so if the Wagner would be better, I'd gift it to a friend. If the Wagner is more collectable than usable, then I might try to swap it out with someone for another different size to have more variety? Dunno.

I guess just looking for feedback and or any advice! Overall, considering I bought these with next to know knowledge, feel like I did pretty good for a super newbie!

Thanks in advance for any wisdom!!!

KevinE 01-10-2019 06:51 PM

Re: New "Collector"-- Advice on My First Finds?
The Wagner is definitely the more collectible, but if I were trying to decide on "cookability" I'd use both of the #8s several times and decide which I'd want to keep. FWIW, my primary skillet is a #10 Wagner made in the 1890s. While it's in very good condition and quite collectible, I really don't know if it's my best cooker. I just know it's the one I like to cook in the more than other BSRs and Lodges I've had.

Russell S. 01-11-2019 12:48 AM

Re: New "Collector"-- Advice on My First Finds?
The heavier pan of the two takes longer to heat up but holds temperatures longer, has less chance of warping and would be better for searing meat. The lighter pan would heat up faster and would be better for lower temperature cooking like bacon and eggs. But I agree try them both before deciding. Because I like history Id rather have the Wagner!

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