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Angie C. 07-03-2014 10:11 AM

Hello from Illinois
Hello, came here looking for information on identifying an unmarked cast iron Dutch oven. We found it, covered in rust, in the basement of my husband's grandmother, after her death. No one else wanted it, so we brought it home. Now we're trying to determine what we have. I originally thought it might be Birmingham Stove and Range, because of the dimples in the lid, but some members on a Facebook page for BS & R users didn't think it was. Someone suggested it might be Vollrath, but I'm having trouble finding pictures or information.

Fairly new to cast iron! I have a Lodge skillet that I've used for years, a corn stick mold, a huge Dutch oven that my husband just bought used, and his grandmother's small Dutch oven. Looking forward to getting years of use out of them all!

Doug D. 07-03-2014 11:10 AM

Re: Hello from Illinois
See: for help identifying unmarked pieces. There are photos if you click on the camera icon on each and page through them. Dimple drippers would tend to indicate BSR, but not Vollrath. If your lid does not have pour spout cover "ears", but otherwise looks like BSR, it is an import copy.

Angie C. 07-03-2014 12:07 PM

Re: Hello from Illinois
I just posted some pictures under New Collector's Corner, with a post titled "Identifying Dutch Oven." It does have pour spout cover "ears." Some members on a FB group for BSR users did not think the handle looked like BSR, and said they typically had stamped in numbers, rather than raised ones. I may just have to accept not knowing, but my curiosity is really stoked!

Just adding a couple of pictures here, so I don't duplicate too much from the other post:

Top of lid:[1] by bookerc1, on Flickr

Dimples inside lid:[1] by bookerc1, on Flickr

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