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ChadMontag 09-18-2020 09:49 AM

3 Pans to ID
Hello all, I appreciate any help you can give me. Dad just recently gave me 6 cast iron pans. Two were in good shape, and may have been used in our family by my grandma or her elders, though one had a little rust pitted spot inside. 4 were almost garbage as they have bad rusting and ptting., but may have some value as wall hangers or for use in the garage. I was able to ID 3 of the pans. The other 3 are a little more difficult for me, but I'm sure the collective will know.

Link to picture gallery:

Pics 1-3 are the same pan. Very deep sides, no marks that I can see at all, other than maybe a dimple under the handle, flat bottom, and a handle type I haven't been able to find anywhere. 2nd pics is showing its depth compared to a standard #8. It's a nice one, looks like a chicken fryer without the lid? pretty light for it's size.

The next two are not fire damaged, though they look it. The red and orange you see is three days of surface rust from sitting after being cleaned and rinsed. When I got these, they were very crusty and rusty, but the thick seasoning and carbon crud was there, indicating they had not been in a house fire. That said, I did heat them on coals to get rid of what crud I could and they still clean up to shiny, albeit pitted, metal. I wouldn't do that a good pans, but I don't have much to lose with these. I will likely grind and sand the insides flat again and use them for camp pans if they turn out okay. They are pretty light, so I believe they are older.

Pics 4-5 are what I believe to be an unmarked Lodge. Inset "8" on the bottom, raised, sharp X on bottom. No number on handle, 3 notch heat ring.

Pics 6-7 are an unmarked #5. Inset number on handle, that's it.

Hope you guy can help!

Doug D. 09-18-2020 11:15 AM

Re: 3 Pans to ID
In order, Wagner, Lodge, and Wagner.

ChadMontag 09-18-2020 11:20 AM

Re: 3 Pans to ID
Thanks Doug! Any idea on the manufacture era of each one? That top one is fairly unigue, as far as I could tell in my limited experience. Was there a whole line of Wagners with a round hole in the handle? It may have been my Great Grandmothers, not sure.

Doug D. 09-18-2020 11:32 AM

Re: 3 Pans to ID
Generally 1940s on all three, most likely.

Was there a whole line of Wagners with a round hole in the handle?
It's part of a double skillet set. A few other Wagners, and including their Long Life store brand skillets, had similar handles.

ChadMontag 09-18-2020 12:02 PM

Re: 3 Pans to ID
Thanks again! You know your stuff!

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