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Eugene Bryan 07-21-2019 04:18 PM

P&B Kettle Thoughts
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Another new member here looking to find some additional information on a Phillips & Buttorff kettle I picked up. The P&G ID was found on the bottom of the kettle and there are no manufacturer markings on the lid which I typically see with other P&G kettles. The interior and exterior finish seems to be in great condition but may have been refinished. Any thoughts on age or additional input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and great group!

Eugene Bryan 07-21-2019 04:43 PM

Re: P&B Kettle Thoughts
Higher resolution photos can be seen (I hope) in the link below.

Doug D. 07-21-2019 05:50 PM

Re: P&B Kettle Thoughts
Assuming you meant "P&B". Lid-marked ones I've seen are markedly different in design (lid, spout) than this one. P&B was in business a long time; perhaps this one is from a different (earlier?) time period.

Eugene Bryan 07-21-2019 07:37 PM

Re: P&B Kettle Thoughts
Hi Doug. Thanks for the clarification. P&B is definitely correct. Procter and Gamble not so much! :) I was assuming it might be an earlier version due to the lack of fancy but figured someone more experienced than myself would be able to pick up on it right away. Do you know by chance how I could edit the subject and description to state P&B? I couldn't find a way to do it. Thanks in advance.

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