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BRetzlaff 09-23-2018 01:24 PM

Found a Griswold's Erie No. 7 Kettle
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GRISWOLD'S ERIE 810 no. 7 flat-bottom kettle.
Found this last week at a garage sale for $4. It was covered in rust and crud. Sure is beautiful now! I think (please correct me if I'm wrong) it's a block letter griswold's erie from 1905 / 1906 ... 810 no. 7 flat-bottom kettle with an inset heat ring. I am planning on listing it for sale at some point, but I can't find the exact same one anywhere, and I'd like to have an idea of what the value is on it. Thanks.

JLenzo 09-23-2018 08:11 PM

Re: Found a Griswold's Erie No. 7 Kettle
Congrats on that find! It looks like the inside surface is nice from what little can be seen in the first photo. Looking forward to seeing it cleaned up.

D_Madden 09-24-2018 09:54 PM

Re: Found a Griswold's Erie No. 7 Kettle
I recently bought a slant erie version of the same flat bottom kettle at an auction... I paid $50 for mine... and thought that was a pretty good deal.

(the lid didn't come with it.. but I had it laying around and it was an early griswold #7 lid so I put it on there.)

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