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Old 01-30-2020, 11:52 PM
AllenN AllenN is offline
Join Date: Jan 2020
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Default Gift WagnerWare 11 1/2" Skillet

I am a new member here, and I am trying to find out about a skillet I was given as a gift.
I am sometimes called on by a lady here in town, who does a lot of estate sales, to come in and identify types of wood in different types of furnishings. (Woodturner for 16 years). I never charge her for my help. No one bought this skillet, because it looked so bad, and the family didn't want it. She had a price of $200 or so IIRC on it. She knew I liked it, and when the sale was over, she just called me back to the house and gave it to me.
It is a WagnerWare Sidney-O- Nickel Plated HS 1059, 11 1/2" Hammered Skillet.
The outside is gunked up with Black (Looks like blackening from many uses over a camp fire). The Blackening isn't just missing or chipped Nickel-Plating, because after some elbow grease a little of it came off.
The inside has been used and scoured so much that there isn't any nickel-plating left in it at all.
I did a seasoning job on it, but it needs more done to get a truly seasoned interior, and I plan on using it.
I've looked all over for information on it, and only found a photo of one, and it sold at auction. For how much, I don't know.
Can someone give me a good rundown on this skillet, and give me an idea what it is actually worth?
I will try to post a pic or three tomorrow, if y'all will just bear with me.
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Old 01-31-2020, 09:41 AM
AllenN AllenN is offline
Join Date: Jan 2020
Posts: 9
Default Re: Gift WagnerWare 11 1/2" Skillet Photo

This is the inside. It shows a couple of tiny pits.
I'll try to get the pic of the bottom emailed to myself, again, so I can reduce the size and post it. (It didn't make the trip.)
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File Type: jpg WWHS105911.5.jpg (49.8 KB, 54 views)
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Old 02-01-2020, 03:28 PM
GTurner GTurner is offline
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Default Re: Gift WagnerWare 11 1/2" Skillet

AllenN , nice looking skillet. You can place plated pieces in lye to speed up the cleaning process. Hope to see the bottom pics soon.
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Old 02-17-2020, 10:38 AM
AllenN AllenN is offline
Join Date: Jan 2020
Posts: 9
Default Re: Gift WagnerWare 11 1/2" Skillet

The bottom, finally. Sorry I'm so slow.
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