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Show & Tell Share Your Cast Iron Cookware Finds and Restorations

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Old 06-10-2019, 01:47 AM
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Default One Month Ago...

About a month ago I didn't own any cast iron. Well, we had one modern Lodge skillet in with our camping gear. But we rarely if ever used it.

Then I discovered some Griswold pans at a flea market. I hemmed and hawed over them, but didn't buy them. I probably should have, oh well!

Now a few weeks later my kitchen is full of cast iron.

Here's what I've picked up:

Clockwise from the bottom right:

A Wagner Square Skillet. Six dollars at a flea market. The first find that I brought home. I think I paid six dollars for it, and it was in very nice condition. Nice enough that I didn't have to learn anything about lye...all this needed was some re-seasoning. I love the shape and the lightness of this pan. And it's super slick. A keeper!

An unmarked Volrath #8 Skillet. Five dollars at a flea market. The square skillet is great, but this Volrath is my new favorite pan. Picked it up at a flea market for five dollars. It was so crudded over that you couldn't read anything on it. But the shape of the handle gave me enough information to guess it was a Volrath. This pan ended up absolutely beautiful. It's as slick and smooth as glass, and there's something about the design of the pan that just makes it feel 'classic'. Are the walls steeper? Maybe it's the outside heat ring that makes it look taller. It looks like the corner radius is smaller too. It just feels great.

A BSR #8 Skillet. Five dollars at a flea market. Cleaned up pretty well, but it took a week and a half in the lye tank and a lot of scrubbing. It still has a couple of spots that I missed, and the surface isn't as nice as the Volrath. But it's still a nice pan. Likely will find it a new home.
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