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Old 06-10-2019, 12:49 PM
Scott Cristina Scott Cristina is offline
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Default Deep Fish Fryer

I saw this deep fish fryer on Letgo in my area so I inquired. I thought it was a BSR deep fish fryer for sure but the post stated that it was "homemade and handcrafted". I contacted the seller and stopped by after work on Friday. When I got to see it in person I told the seller that I did not think it was homemade. He told me that he knew for a fact that it was as his brother-in-law's brother was the one who made it. He worked at a foundry in eastern North Carolina and hand made the sand form and cast it himself. How cool is that?
This thing is a beast! I have it pictured next to a BSR fish fryer. The bottom of the fryer is around 5/8" thick of solid cast iron. It weighs in at almost 29lbs! The BSR is around 9lbs. This fryer is massive! It is slightly bigger in every dimension than the BSR deep fryer but looks similar. I wonder if the BSR was used to make the mold. It was well seasoned and designed to hold the heat once it gets up to temperature. It even fits nicely on top of my BSR Sportsman grill. It has a few casting flaws in the bottom but I plan on using this as a fryer not to cook pancakes in. I'm happy with it as a pure utilitarian piece to add to my collection.

When I was getting ready to leave after paying him the last of my available cash ($40... he came down from $50) and he asked me if I was interested in a dutch oven. I told him I was out of cash but he showed me it anyway. He pulls out a Griswold #8 unmarked with the lid (#1036 & 1037)! I asked how much, he says $20. He told me to take it home and come back and pay him next week because he is a good judge of character. Needless to say I am paying him today after work. It is truly humbling to know that there are still good people out there!

One quick question for the experts. The DO had motor oil and gas setting in it for a long time. I have washed it in Dawn several times and plan on putting in in the lye tank for a few days. Any other ideas on how to get rid of the smell?

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Old 06-10-2019, 01:03 PM
Rodney Walker Rodney Walker is offline
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Default Re: Deep Fish Fryer

Great finds! I would expect the lye bath to get rid of any remaining residue. I just cleaned up a couple nasty pieces. One smelled like an ash tray and the other I suspect might have had motor oil in it. After I cleaned and seasoned them the smell went away.
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Old 06-10-2019, 10:48 PM
GTurner GTurner is offline
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Default Re: Deep Fish Fryer

I would not reuse the lye tank after cleaning that piece. I wouldn't trust the the gasoline and oil wouldn't contaminate other pieces.

Is there any documentation that would state otherwise?
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