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Old 01-17-2019, 03:39 PM
Mike K Mike K is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
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Default 100 Year Old Wagner Sidney Restoration

So I'm a newbie around here, trying my hand at restoring a couple pans I bought with the intention of using.

Good news is, in cleaning it and researching, I discovered the Wagner is apparently fairly scarce logo variety with double arched Wager-Sidney....?

I was excited about this until I discovered the bad news: a very very very tiny hairline crack near the handle, apparently common? Not too surprising since the walls of this are remarkably thin.

Anyway, its imperceptible now with a seasoning coat, and I plan to use it; though I confess since I'm not a "collector" I was playing with the idea of trying to trade it for a couple less collectable, but still high quality cooking models until I saw the crack and realized it killed collectablity. Oh well. Looking forward to trying it out!!

Here's before and after.
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Old 01-17-2019, 03:41 PM
Mike K Mike K is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
Posts: 9
Default Re: 100 Year Old Wagner Sidney Restoration

here's a little 3-notch lodge I cleaned up too.
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Old 01-20-2019, 06:15 AM
JLenzo JLenzo is offline
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Default Re: 100 Year Old Wagner Sidney Restoration

Cracks are part of the restoration game when you buy them when they are rusty or covered with old seasoning. I have a one notch Lodge and Erie both 7's that rang true like a bell when tapped on the bottom. They only revealed they had cracks after stripping and cleaning you could not see in the origional purchased state. Still great cooking pans and super smooth cook surfaces. As you say unfotunately not collector grade pieces any more.
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