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Old 04-18-2017, 01:54 PM
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Default Re: Grill Cheese Help !

Cast iron stores heat well, so continuing to heat it over a medium burner for the entire cook will result in cooking at more like med-high, or even high if longer. If cooking med-low, back it down to low once it gets as hot as needed. The pan will react to the change slowly, but you will not be continuing to rise above the originally set burner temp.

I use multiple types of cheese in one sandwich, and often add a thin slice of deli turkey or crisp cooked crumbled bacon. When the bread reaches desired brownness, I remove and cut in half. If the cheese in the center isn't as melted as I'd like, 10 seconds in the microwave solves that.

Where I was raised, they're called "cheese toasties".
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