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My daughter was looking over my shoulder while i was going through an auction site's cast iron and her eyes fixed on a teddy bear cast iron pan.
I picked it up for basically the shipping because she was so enamored of it.
She did all the rust removal after i got it out of the lye tank and even painted oil into every nook and cranny when we seasoned.
She was exited to try it this weekend so we swung by the store and picked up some sugar cookie dough (because I felt lazy) and it was an epic fail.
I oiled and floured cold, preheated the pan, but we had a heck of a time getting the cookies to release. When they did the cookies consistency (large bubbles underneath) made the shapes almost unrecognizable.... no detail.
I'm thinking maybe a shortbread recipe?
The consistency of the finished product might show the detail better?
Has anyone used these detailed cookie pans before with decent results? ....or are they merely decorative?
The cast is of poor quality.... is that the reason?

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