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Thumbs up The Gatemarked Pizza Pan

A little show and tell for everyone. This badly corroded on the outside, roughly cast on the inside beauty performed it's first task beautifully. It's a little warped, and deeply pitted all over the bottom, side, and handle, I presume from sulfur? I love how much character it has and I'd imagine it's approaching it's 150th year in the kitchen. The funniest thing about it is that it appears to have been cooked on between the time it was photographed by the ebay seller and the time it arrived.
s-l1600-1 by Refinders, on Flickr
s-l1600 by Refinders, on Flickr
Cleaned up and seasoned remarkably easily:
DSCF9563 by Refinders, on Flickr
DSCF9560 by Refinders, on Flickr
And of course, the most exciting part of all; It makes a fabulous pizza:
DSCF9556 by Refinders, on Flickr
Thanks for viewing my show and tell!
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