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Default Re: Concerning Alabama Pipe Co. bean pot

Sharon, I know this isn't timely and I don't have any of the information you were looking for (I know, bad grammar). But I can share my story with you. About a year ago, I found the Alabama Bean Pot (1939) at an antique mall. I really, really liked it (especially the recipe on the underside of the lid) and paid about $95. I figured that I paid too much but wasn't buying it to resell. I wanted to use it. Unfortunately, after cleaning all the built up carbon off, the pot leaked. There were a couple of pin sized holes and a hairline crack hiding under the seasoning. I knew that ruined the value of the pot but took it to a welder (my uncle) who tried but could not fix it. He said it had actually been welded before. I guess I could try a dutch oven liner but more than likely I'll set it on a (sturdy) shelf as decoration. Anyway, now you know that the bean pot was "worth" about $95 to at least one person in Missouri.
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