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Default Re: New Lodge Blacklock Line

Nice looking pans. I haven't had a chance to handle one in person yet. Here's a quick look at prices from Lodge and other high end skillets' websites they're competing with. I chose the 10 inch/#8 skillet for comparison purposes. I probably should have chosen the #10 instead.
Lodge Blacklock: $60.00
Field Co: $125.00
Stargazer: $95.00
Butterpat: $295.00
Finex: $175.00
Smithey #8 Chef Skillet: $100
I didn't see a plain # 8 skillet for Smithey but still this should give a decent idea on pricing. Lodge is less than any of them but at the expense of a milled cooking surface.
While I know a rough surface will cook just the same as a smooth one, I prefer milled surfaces and would be willing to pay more for one. I think Either Stargazer or Field Co give the most value per dollar spent followed by Lodge then Smithey.
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