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Default Universal Meat Grinder

Hi all,

A while ago, my dad gave me his mother's old meat grinder, which I'd love to use. The only problem is that it was left in his garage, and had rusted in some areas. I guess it was either "tinned" or plated somehow.

When I got it a few months back, I seasoned it in my oven with grape seed oil to prevent more rusting, which is why it looks so shiny. But I'm hesitant to use it as is.

Is there anything I can do about the rust, given that it isn't bare iron? Or is it better to hold onto it as a keepsake but not use it? Today I set up my first e-tank, so I now have that as an option. But I haven't read up on what to do when something has been plated or tinned.

Thanks as always.

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