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Default Re: Nitty gritty details about Easy Off HD method??

Oh right! Sorry I missed the baking soda part. Okay no baking soda. I will just continue to thoroughly hose off with water. So those black spots that are left look like something that won't be helped by a 3rd lye treatment? I've attacked them with the scrubby, but I guess I'll try again with the scrubby if you don't think I should do a third lye spray.

So I should just hose down all the garbage bag/paper towels/goo stuff then, to dilute the lye before putting in the trash?


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Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post

The remaining spots on the outside of the pan will probably not be affected by further treatment. Build up with no grease left in it has nothing for the lye to act upon. Your S/S scrubber is the best choice there.
How do you know it's build up with no grease left? I take it you can tell from appearance?
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