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Default Re: Nitty gritty details about Easy Off HD method??

Originally Posted by RLMuse View Post
That stuff can be quite caustic. It is a better practice to neutralize it so nobody down the line (garbage men, landfill workers) comes into contact with the lye. I have usually just changed out my refrigerator box of baking soda when I clean a batch of cast iron. I put the whole bag into the sink and sprinkle baking soda over the cast iron and rinse at the same time. This leaves just a wet plastic bag for the trash. Not a chemical burn hazard.
Using baking soda, which is alkaline, seems counterintuitive to neutralize lye, also an alkali. More neutralization is occurring via just rinsing and diluting with plain water. Not to mention the lye won't hurt drain pipes, so you may get a little drain cleaning action. Just don't run the water hard so it splashes.
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