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Default CI Seasoning?

When doing the seasoning of any CI do you want to heat it to the point of 350F and then rub it down with Crisco or what ever your flavor is?

I was reading Cast Iron Seasoning and read this,

"Close the oven door and raise the oven temp in 70 or 80 increments, about 5 to 10 min. apart, until it reaches 350F. We want the temperature of the oven somewhat near but below the smoke point of the oil we'll be using. Canola and refined grapeseed oil, both good choices, smoke around 400-425F; commonly-used Crisco shortening smokes at 490F. All will still polymerize at 350F if the applied layer is extremely thin and it is heated long enough to reach a "dry" state, meaning they no longer feel sticky or tacky to the touch."

Just trying to get a step by step process down. I was told to put oil on when cold and heat over to 300 for 5 minutes and wipe it off and then heat it to 400 for at least 60 minutes.
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