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There seems to be some confusion between modern day stove pipes and those of yesteryear. The ones on a cast iron stove pre-1950 had a crimped end that looked like a sine wave. Dripping creosote was not an issue and the crimped end went up as it would not fit over the flange on a cast iron stove. Same with the newer plain import CI stoves with an oval exhaust flange. Pieces of this kind of pipe are now bought in flat sheets to be hooked together for a couple dollars a foot.

Like this: Upside down will not work with this. Period.

NOT like this:

We are not dealing with a modern stove here so one would use the appropriate stovepipe with the crimped side up. The creosote quickly plugs the gaps. Look at the historic cabins and houses. The lower piece will go inside the upper piece. I have two and have seen many. David, for an Atlanta Stove Works stove, I assure you I am not the one upside down.

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