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Default Organic Seasoning Oils?

I have zero experience of seasoning pans so looking for a few opinions to help me decide the best way to go... all sources at bottom of page.

Initially, I will be seasoning new pizza pans which will used in oven temps around 300C. Eventually, I will be replacing the rest of the pans in my kitchen with new/old iron/steel pans that will require seasoning.

I see from the seasoning guide and other threads that refined grapeseed oil is a good/popular option.

However, I can only find one source of organic refined grapeseed oil which comes in at an eye watering $40(incl delivery) for just 100ml(not a typo).

I can source nitrate-free Organic Pork Lard for around: $5/200g.

Or, there is a non-organic refined grapeseed Oil to be had for: $6.50/500m. The company describes this product thus:
"Meridian Grapeseed Oil is the only oil from our range that is refined. This is necessary because completely unrefined grapeseed oil is malodorous and unpalatable. All of the other oils in the MERIDIAN range are cold pressed, with no solvents used.

It is prepared from grape seeds and a solvent is used to extract the oil. The oil is then filtered before being steam de-odourised. The temperature and vacuum conditions in the de-odourisation process guarantees the total absence of solvent in the finished product."

They don't say which solvent they use but I'm guessing Butane, I know from experience that "....the total absence of solvent in the finished product" is nigh impossible as there will always be trace amounts even with the best kit, which is probably why they don't claim the product to be organic although it might be near as dammit organic. Or the grapeseed themselves might be non organic ...its a bit vague really.

So given the choice of the two which will be better? ...will the non organic grapeseed oil provide a better coating than the nitrate free organic lard or would you choose something different entirely?

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