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Default Re: For those interested in flaxseed

Originally Posted by EC_Price View Post
CW - I tried mixing this blend recently and it seems to look like and seems to be close if not exact to the Crisbee formula. I used 2 pucks of 1.5 oz of Big Dipper Beeswax to 1.5 oz of Crisco/storebrand shortening. I melted all 3 in a small saucepan an pour mixture into a Mason jar with measure markings. It yielded 5-1/2 fluid ozs after it cooled and hardened.

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So far in my experiment I started earlier this year, no flaking, chipping, or leeched odor of the flax seed oil seasoning into food when cooking.
Do you have any pictures of your flax seed oil experiment? I found a piece that has an impeccable finish on it and I was leaning towards a flax seed oil seasoning as a guess. It would be interesting to see what your piece looks like, either immediately after treatment or as of now.
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