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Default Re: Cast Iron Fruit Press (Enterprise)

Hi Jack,
I completely disassembled it and afterwards cleaned everything in the lye. I seasoned the inside only on the bottom piece plus the sieve plate and compression plate. Took the bench mounted wire wheel and cleaned the two long bolts, threads and nuts/washers and seasoned them also. The exterior was painted with Dupont Dupli-color DE-1635 black paint. Found that a lot of experts that do restorations recommend this paint to get the japanned finish look. I use it on my plane restorations and it looks very good. Taped off the worm gears while painting and the wood handle. Be sure to cover the top opening of the canister when painting so that no overspray enters the inside seasoned area. I used a piece of aluminum foil and taped it to the top lip just inside the canister. After re-assembly I coated the worm gear with mineral oil to preserve the finished look and help lubricate it for ease of operation.
Sounds like a lot of work but it really wasn't any worse than cleaning a dirty old waffle iron lol.
We will always accept visitors so when out Arizona way feel free to stop by. I'll be in Houston next week for the grand daughters birthdays so I may get in contact with you and do a little pickin. Plan on doing so both going and coming back,
Good luck with your press restoration,
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