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As long as there is O2 and ambient humidity contacting the iron, there will typically be some kind of oxidation forming. Even though average relative humidity is high where I live, I haven't experienced the red "flash rust" phenomenon all that much. But drying a cleaned pan with towels normally transfers a black residue from an apparently clean pan that must be the "black rust". Some find it to be a positive and heat the pan to a high temp before manual seasoning to deliberately create it and jump start the darkening process. I really don't care about that too much one way or the other, but just know you don't need to drive yourself crazy trying to eliminate it because it probably won't totally stop. It's not really a cause for concern. The action of wiping off the first coating of manual seasoning oil will take most of it with it, and the thin layer of oil left will "seal" the iron from the air.
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