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Default Re: For those interested in flaxseed

Originally Posted by CWorthing View Post
Sorry, I did not answer your first question. Yes, using one third Crisco and two thirds beeswax will give you a density of .9186 that is the same as Crisbee, or close enough.
CW - I tried mixing this blend recently and it seems to look like and seems to be close if not exact to the Crisbee formula. I used 2 pucks of 1.5 oz of Big Dipper Beeswax to 1.5 oz of Crisco/storebrand shortening. I melted all 3 in a small saucepan an pour mixture into a Mason jar with measure markings. It yielded 5-1/2 fluid ozs after it cooled and hardened.

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Originally Posted by EC_Price View Post
Flaxseed does not seem to be too popular here, but for those interested in trying flaxseed oil, I found this recently and if you prefer flaxseed oil, give it a try. FWIW >

So far in my experiment I started earlier this year, no flaking, chipping, or leeched odor of the flax seed oil seasoning into food when cooking.
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