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Originally Posted by SJLuzum View Post
Thanks MD. I am an experience "careful" scraper and have had excellent success in the past, but not so much with this one.

I am now trying the Dawn soap on the burner. Crossing my fingers.
SJ. Just from what I can make out from your pic, it appears that your square skillet is a BSR. With that being said (and for the most part of all square skillets) they are much harder to clean because they can not be ground and polished like a round skillet thus the cooking surface is a bit more rough in texture. Kind of like the modern Lodge surfaces if you know what I mean. It is therefore more difficult to bring back the original cooking surface once that surface has become compromised as in your case. I would do my best to try and alleviate what ever you can with our tried techniques and do a light seasoning to see if there is any blending in the dark surfaces. Beyond what I have said previously I have no other suggestions. Good luck.
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