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Default Lye in my e-tank.

I'm brand new to this and I'm grateful to to have found this site before restoring my first cast iron. I'm three pans in now, and it's going great.

My setup:
3#'s 100% lye in 15 gal of water in an 18gal bin
12"x14" steel plate 1/4" thick I got from a welder
12v charger with 2amp and 10amp settings

I started with 2amps and all was well except it was taking forever. Went to 10 amps with no troubles and it's much faster.

The tank has only three pieces through it so far but the steel plate still looks new. The crud sinks to the bottom of the bin after each use and the solution looks clear when undisturbed.

Great results and my thanks to the lye electrolyte thread!
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