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Default "splotches" in the Seasoning

I have been working to build a good seasoning layer on this #8 Wagner. Started by following the process outlined on this sight. Used lard for the first 3 layers before cooking. Cooked some bacon and sausage before trying anything else. It seemed to be getting pretty good.

After cooking, I either use Canola oil or lard. My only deviation in the process is after cooking. If necessary I boil some water and/or use canola oil with Kosher salt to get everything off. After rinsing it out with water, it goes into the oven. Set at 200 degrees. Leave it in for 10 minutes after it reaches 200. Once it comes out, I apply the canola or lard with a paper towel and then wipe with a cloth.

Yesterday, after I removed it from the oven, there were 2 noticeable "splotches" that look like the seasoning came off. If the handle is 12 o'clock in the picture, the "splotches" are at 10 and 1. The one at 10 is a line about 1 inch long and about 1/4 inch thick. The one at 1 o'clock is a circle about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Is the normal? Did I mess using the oven for the post cleaning dry out? Do I need to start over or will it fix itself?
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