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Default Re: My first cast iron pizza

That Italian bakery run by old man Trusello in the 50ís had the best Italian bread an bakery pizza in Niagara Falls, NY. It lived from 1917 until 1996, but started dying in the early 70ís when the kiddies got involved. About 2,000 I decided to try and duplicate those 50ís bread loaves & pizza. I knew the pizza dough was the same as the bread dough due to the flavor of the crust so I had to get that right first.

It took 3 years of sporadic, but many tries (over 20) and note keeping to finally nail the flavor, crust, crumb and appearance. Also to develop a dependable recipe and technique. That is with only 4 ingredients. Now the pizza.

Through considerable research I found the old man used crushed tomatoes and pecorino romano cheese. These and some oregano got me close, but no cigar. Two years later I was able to discover the missing flavor after too many tries, Ajowan! Looking back, I would have paid a lot for those recipes. After more than 500 loaves, this remains our daily bread.

Be careful trying to duplicate recipes. YMMV.

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