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Default Re: "splotches" in the Seasoning

I don't know if it's the cause of your problem, but your post-cooking technique does seem a bit excessive.

Try this - after cleaning it, hand-dry it with a paper towel. Then put it on the stove over LOW heat for just a minute or two; you don't need to get it real hot, just enough to aid evaporation of any residual moisture after the towel wipe.

Then spread a couple of drops of canola oil over the cooking surface and use a dry paper towel to remove the excess. That's it, a lot simpler and all it needs.

After the initial oven seasoning you'll build more mature seasoning through using it for cooking. You don't need to take extra steps in the oven each time. But I have been known to put it through a seasoning cycle in the oven (without adding oil) after about six months of use to "firm up" the stuff built up from cooking...
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